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    i760 screen align loop solution

    I hard reset my SCH i760 to wipe it clean for another user in the family. At first boot I was stuck in the screen align loop: unable to complete the screen align process and unable to proceed past the screen align screen. I read numerous threads about the problem, and not just about the SCH i760.

    Drawing from several sources this solution worked for me:

    I soft reset to the welcome screen. I didn't tap the screen to initiate the screen alignment loop.

    Established ActiveSync connection to the phone.
    Downloaded and installed the Remote Screen Alignment app from Code Factory.

    Installed and ran Remote Screen Alignment on my PC.
    Clicked the skip alignment button.

    When I got to the Today screen the alignment was so far out of sync that it was impossible to navigate by touch. I took these additional steps:

    Downloaded and installed My Mobiler.
    Windows Mobile - My Mobile
    Used the My Mobiler screen window on my PC to navigate on my phone using the mouse on my PC.

    Downloaded and installed Total Commander.
    Total Commander - PocketPC
    Navigated to the registry.
    Found this registry key:

    In the calibration section I entered these settings:
    502,648 219,992 779,1000 762,268 215,276

    Then I soft reset the phone.

    Solved my problem. The screen calibration is now more accurate than it was before I hard reset the phone.

    I'm attaching an SCH i760 calibration data file (inside the zip) that was created by the Remote Screen Alignment app after I edited the calibration settings in the registry. I'm not sure the exact steps to use it through the Remote Screen Alignment program.

    The settings work great on my phone. Your mileage may vary.

    I've spent many hours reading through threads here, at xda and other forums. I've gotten many tips and found solutions to several difficulties for both my i760 and my TP2. I have never posted. I hope this is helpful to someone in the same position I was in.
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    That's awesome ecoshift. I alway try to post any fixes, solutions or tips I find but rarely this thorough. I bet this will help a few people.
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    Thanks. The clues were kinda scattered about in different places -- sometimes in forums about different phones. Thanks to those who actually developed and posted the tools and info aggregated here...

    My i760 nearly got sent to recycling...


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    hey guys,

    i was having problems with a touch keyboard i installed, its a program thats lets you input text via thumb/fingers versus using the stylus.

    problem was that i had unacceptable screen alignment on the i760. not only was the i730(former phone) screen more sensitive but the alignment was excellent.

    while trying to use the touch keyboard on the i760, i would get misspellings and errors. i blamed my clutsy fingers.

    i searched for a solution and found this thread.

    first i saved my current phones calibration data to a word file, then i follows the calibration #'s posted by the op. soft reset and when into the "alignment" function in the phone and ran the gui.


    i pulled out the stylus and randomly clicked on options on my phone, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT.

    bumping this for other owners to give it a try.

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