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    i760 completely dead

    My dad has an i760 and it just recently died completely out of no where. He got a new phone and said I could have his i760 because my phone is horrible. So I have been looking around trying to solve the phone's problems but no forums have any solutions. The phone wont turn on even after I left it on the charger. I tried a hard reset and it displays the deleting data screen but then it goes to the Verizon logo as if it were going to turn on but then just freezes there. Any suggestions as what to do?

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    Actually funny thing, this very thing happened to me. The phone reset itself (which it has done on occasion) but froze on the first verizon splash screen. After a couple of soft resets with no results I performed a hard reset and it is now frozen on the align screen procedure which it likes you to perform over and over and over and...well you get point. So effectively it is dead as far as I'm concerned. My advice to you, load the OS fresh and see if you can force it beyond the freezing point you are experiencing. I ended up getting a new device, but I am going to miss the i760, if it still worked I'd still use it happily.

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