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    Best place to buy one of these?

    I'm trying to find the best place to buy one of these phones. I really would rather get it new if possible. Does anyone know if the i760 is still purchasable, new not refurbished, through Verizon somehow, and for how much?

    Should I be concerned at all about any defects? I've seen numerous posts about people having to send them back to Verizon because of issues. Not sure what I should do, there are a lot of "new" ones on Ebay but not sure if thats the best place.

    I'm trying to be careful about this since I wouldn't be able to return the phone to Verizon if there was an issue (unless I get it from Verizon right?).

    Thanks for your help!

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    There are some on e-bay, but not sure if I would trust some of the sources. I'll sell you mine cheap. It's a refurb replacement that I have had since June 09 from big V. I have all the original stuff (both batts, charger, software, etc). It was running perfect and I only stopped using it since my daughter-in-law started working for T-Mob and could not pass up on that deal. PM me if you are interested.

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    I sell these....

    Actually on ebay you probably won't do too bad. Locally here in the los angeles area I sell these. I get them refurbished in excellent condition and I sell them locally. I rarely ship. Point is, they can be found in pretty good condition used.. but definitely not new. This is a 3 year old piece of hardware here... new in box just ain't gonna happen unless somebody bought one and never opened it.
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