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    RIP my friend...

    SCh-i760, a hand me down phone for me. A great phone it was. I used to poke around these forums, a silent guest reading on ways to better my phone. However, those days drew to a sharp end. My Schi-760 which i named pyscho-byte bit the bullet. All my fault... It happened a few months ago, I wanted to upgrade the O.S to the recent version of Mobile Windows. Seemed like a awesome idea, my friend at the time just got a new phone with the version of windows i wanted. I finally got everything together and just did it. However it didn't work. nothing happened, the tool started and it was doing its thing until, well it didn't work out. I think after a hour or so i pulled the plug, and on turning it on... well that was it. gave me a generic error message. At that point i moved on, I have a black berry curve now. Even now though, I still miss that old phone. ahh...

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    If it ain't broke....

    I am a big supporter of the hacking community and upgrades but sometimes its just not worth it. For the i760 and below, you are much more likely to brick your phone. Unless you have it under warranty, its just not worth the time or expense of having to get another phone.
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