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    sch i760...is this normal?


    So I recently bought a new i760 on Ebay that I was told from the seller (who had sold many previously, everyone giving the seller great feedback) that the phones sold "are surplus form a verizon distributor."

    Now the phone itself does look like its new, there's no wear on it at all. However there are a few things that strike me as odd...but I'm not sure if they are or its just me.

    First of all I feel that sometimes its hard to get the touch screen to respond, or it does respond but while you're dragging the stylus around it would not register the whole stroke, like it thinks you removed the stylus from the screen in mid drag. Besides that, what really concerns me, is if you give a "little" bit more pressure the screen starts to, well I call it "liquefy". Should that normally happen? I'm pretty sure I'm not pressing down too hard, I've used the touch screen on my Nintendo DS for a long time and never had this problem. I've uploaded a video of what I'm talking about: Video 1

    Also look at this video, using my hand I can "squeeze" the phone and it'll do the liquid thing too (sorry for the shaking, was hard to hold the camera in one hand and do that in the other): Video 2

    And finally the sticker on the inside of the phone doesn't look normal to me...looks very "generic" here is a pic: Pic 1

    So what do you guys think? Should I be concerned about any of this? Thanks
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    These phones came out years ago, I'm not sure if you can get a truly "new" phone, most of them are refurbished.

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    What you are describing sounds like the normal behavior of the softer LCD. the i760 had a "softer" LCD than any PDA I've seen. It was supposed to be more closely mimic writing on paper compared to the harder surface of other PDAs or something like that.
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    Should have bought mine

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    try to realign your screen

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