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    step by step back up please?

    hi, ive had the i760 since it came out, and im nervous its gonna die soon. what do i need to do to back up all my data so that i can restore all my contacts, appts, tasks, notes, etc, if i get a new phone, with the newer ROM or windows mobile version or whatever its called.

    Here is what i did. In Outlook 2003, I opened File > Import and Export > Export to a File > Personal Folder File > Calendar was what was highlighted, but i wanted everything, so i highlighted "Personal Folders" above it, and also checked the "incude subfolders" box. Then i saved the .pst file to an external harddrive.

    When I eventually get a new phone, do i do the same process, but import instead of export? Does it matter if its a newer phone with the newer windows mobile version?

    Is there a better way to do this? PIMBackup seems like another solution, but would it be a problem if, again, im trying to restore all that info to a new phone?

    In case i go completely crazy and abandon Windows Mobile Professional (because im annoyed there are no touchscreen windows mobile phones now that also have the keypad on the front like the i760), and i buy a blackberry, is there an easy way to transfer all my info to that phone?


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    If you are syncing with Outlook.. that is the backup of your PDA info. When you get a new phone you will setup a new sync relationship with the new device and you will sync everything anew. I like PIMBackup because it backs-up the text (SMS and MMS) messages and call history that aren't synced to Outlook. Notes you should copy to the SD card or through activeSync.
    Now if you want to backup your Outlook data I would backup the PST file itself. Just right click on the "Personal Folders" and select Properties>General tab>Advanced button and note the location of the filename where your PST file is stored. Go to that location and make copy the file (make sure you are not in Outlook when you make a copy)
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    Big fan of PIMBackup (reminds me - I should make a new backup). Definitely do both, but do a PIMBackup and it'd be easy to resore on a new Windows mobile phone. If you going to another OS it might take a few more steps. There's software that can backup you contacts/calendars to Google for example. I think if you have the backup file there will be some way to get it into your new phone. The Outlook file will only be good for you if your new phone can sync to Outlook.
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