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Thread: Network issue

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    Network issue

    The last dew days I have been having issue with data services on my i760. I get network unavailable dialing 777 or something. I reset the phone which used to help. No luck. I tried dialing Verizon *228 and update roaming profile. If I use WiFi it works fine. The top of the phone shows two arrows going away from each other. I'm in a good service area. Every so often it then starts to work and my exchange connection and active sync start to work. Then nothing for awhile. It running 6.1. Any ideas?

    The SMS and phone service work just fine. This all started right after we had a bad electrical storm in the area. I have not talked with anyone that is using EVDO in my area. Person in the office is using Verizon 3G and isn't having any issues.

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    Hey Craig - sounds like something you need to take up with VZW customer service. Maybe ... was about to suggest you try the HowardForums, but they are migrating (lol check site).
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