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    update question 6.1

    i have posted in the sticky, but doesnt seem like anyone will post there anytime soon. What happened is that during the update it got stuck on the phone download and i reset, but now i cant complete the full update.

    pda is now S:i760.07 V.BJ10.19202
    Phone is still S:i760.07 v.AH08
    Eboot 02.00

    im just wondering how i can complete the phone update? Everytime i try to use the upgrade tool it keeps telling me that i already have 6.1 (which i do), but cant finish the other updates. The phone works perfectly fine its the fact that its not fully updated bugs me lol

    any help will be greatly appreciated

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    Yes its gotten very quiet here of late... did you read the whole thread for suggestions? Sure you did. I recall a similar issue with the i730 update to WM5.0 and some figured out a workaround. You might want to search that forum for some ideas. Sorry I can't be more specific. I always had the FW update work for me the first or second time.
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    I don't remember - was there updates to the phone/radio in the 6.1 update? I guess if everything is working (ain't broke) then it may be better left asis. I know how you feel - I always want everything up-to-date. Hopefully someone has some suggestions. I do seem to recall that my 6.1 update failed, but then I redid it and it went through.
    Are you certain it didn't complete?

    Quote Originally Posted by MGuzzy View Post
    Yes its gotten very quiet here of late...
    I know, right? I keep thinking that I should post something and I check all the time. Did EVERYONE jump ship?

    I do remember the i730 update not completing the phone side update, but it was a good thing? I think if you got the full update you lost Q2N or something. I remember my radio update failed and I was happy.
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    im pretty sure it didnt complete

    i got up to the phone download part and it froze there so i soft reset and now cant upgrade more because it keeps telling me that its already updated

    but at least i works lol

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