Looking for a worthy successor to my i760. One thing I know I'll miss from the i760 is the front face d-pad; I didn't realize how much I'm used to it until I tried practicing navigating without it to prepare for handling a successor.

So far, I've narrowed the choices down to between the TouchPro 2 and the Fathom. The Fathom does not seem to have any dedicated forums in the usual places, so I'm not sure what to make of that.

The TP2 has a little more RAM than the Fathom but nothing deal-breaker worthy. The Fathom requires using the Fn for entering a . which is not a big deal given my style of text messaging (and after entering some web browser favorites, won't need to use it for urls often).

I really like the idea of a more responsive screen and snappier application response times of the Fathom-- but I am also intrigued by the hackability of the TP2 esp. given that the Fathom comes with Arcsoft unthreaded SMS text messaging installed by default (unthreaded SMS is like a step backwards-- there has got to be a way to restore the SMS functionality to the default Windows 6.1-6.5 threaded client either by a reg hack or some type of uninstallation of the Arcsoft product!). The xda-developers folks love working on HTC products; but I'm not seeing any mention of the Fathom on their boards.

Any suggestions?