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    Question Issues with WM 6.1 and wifi

    Sorry, I know there's a thread for 6.1 bugs, but as I seem to be at least 5 years too late in joining PDAPhoneHome, I was afraid it wouldn't get noticed...

    I just got a used i760 off ebay and love it so far! However, i've been loving it a lot less since I installed WM6.1... My chief issue is that ever since the upgrade, my wifi connection seems to cut in and out at random. When I look at the wireless manager, everything appears to be fine, but IE, Opera, and every other internet required program begs to differ...

    I looked for other threads about this issue but couldn't find anything... Any suggestions?

    Thanks, in advance

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    I seem to have these issues too... usually requires me to turn OFF the wifi, then turn it back on to resolve the issue.

    if that doesnt' work, going to task mgr and ending all tasks

    if all else fails, a reboot of the phone

    I wish it would just work consistently. But it's my first PDA type phone and I love the conveniences it offers, despite the bugs.

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