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    Interrupt SMS Notification Sound

    I text people a lot and I recently found a way to use custom ringtones for SMS notifications. My ringtone is 30 seconds long. I always use the ringer and the vibration for SMS notification, so that means the vibration would last as long as the ring.

    The problem is, the notification sound won't stop even if I reply to the text message. The song would still be playing and the phone would be vibrating even as I type out my reply to the text message. It will only stop after 30 seconds. I've tried pressing any of the buttons but it still won't stop the notification sound. I want to keep the song as my ringtone, but I also want to interrupt the sound when needed. Is there a button that will do this? All of my phones that I have used in the past stopped ringing right when I view the text message.
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