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    Thumbs down Sound plays on internal phone speaker while headphones connected (occasionally)

    Greetings, I searched the interwebs and this forum and could not find any reference to this problem. I hope it is not just me. I just got a used Samsung Sch-i760 for cheap and have been annoyed by a few things, but the worst issue so far the the sound management. I really wish there was a hard sound mute button like on Palm Treo's and iPhones. I'm still a little annoyed at the dual volume level control, but single on/vibrate/off radio buttons.

    Here is my problem: I listen to music often on the phone via wired headphones plugged into the headphone jack. I am using a Motorola 3-ringed 2.5-3.5mm adapter. When I am doing this, I am often at school, and usually in the library. At first I was finding that when I got some notifications, like a text message or call, the notification sound would play on the internal speaker despite the headphones being plugged in! Some notification sounds are still sent to the headphones though! To fix this, I set those offending notifications to vibrate only, no sound. This seemed to fix the issue for now. Yesterday I was in the library when I got a call and as soon as the call came in, the headphones went silent and the music I was listening too began playing over the internal phone loudspeaker! This issue occurs with both WMPlayer and Core.

    Being that I was in a library and unable to control the situation, you can see how this can be rather embarrassing. The headphone plug is pushed all the way into the jack and is solid. I have never dealt with any kind of device before that would not disable internal audio when a set of headphones were plugged in.

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    greetings earthling...

    could be a faulty adapter plug and/or the port on the handset could be faulty/loose.

    i would first use a different adapter. if that does not remedy the situation, your physical port could be worn out.

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