I noticed this problem a week after installing S2U2. It seems like at least once a day, when I put my phone to sleep, my phone would crash (won't wake up from sleeping). I then have to soft reset it. I didn't know what was causing the problem. Then one day, after soft resetting, my friend asks me if I got his text. I checked my phone and there was nothing in the inbox. I look at his phone and he did send me a text. After a few more days, other people have asked if I got their texts. They just happen to ask me after my phone crashes.

So, my main problem: my phone crashes at least once a day when receiving a text message while in sleep mode. This is bad because I don't receive that text message and I won't know what it said or who it was from. I think it has something to do with S2U2 because this problem started happening after I installed it.

My theory is that when my phone receives the text message, it causes my phone to wake up. Waking up means opening S2U2. S2U2 crashes, causing the phone to become stuck in sleep mode and lose the text message.

Is there any way to fix this annoying problem? I've removed S2U2 from my phone and now I"m looking for another locking program. I've tried ThrottleLock and I hated it.