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    Best headphone jack converter

    Hey y'all. Any die-hard i760 folks still keeping it real?
    I just came across my i760 in a drawer and got an nostalgic. Still have love for it.

    I was hoping to put it to some use as a Pandora streamer for my kitchen, but I remember every jack converter I tried had issues. Is there somewhere to get a good converter these days that won't trigger the call feature etc.?

    Just feel like I should get some use out of it as it's still a cool little PDA. Any other suggestions for what I could use it for? Cheers
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    I do not check this forum that often since moving to webOS last year, but I would look for a Bluetooth device. I have a Motorola transceiver (DC800) that I have hooked to one of my stereo inputs that allows me to stream from what ever Bluetooth device that is currently paired. i760 in the cradle and wifi connection you are golden.

    I have read good things about the Miccus BluBridge mini-jack Rx: Portable, Bluetooth Music Receiver with Stereo Output (1/8-Inch) for Home and Auto systems. You can find it on Amazon ~$40.
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