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    FAQ - Samsung SCH-i760 - Pre-Release Version

    Here is the start of the i760 FAQ, consider this the pre-release version to include most of the known information about the SCH-i760. Much of this information is compiled from many sites around the web, and the information posted in the i760 Release/Rumor thread.

    Table of Contents:

    Hardware information:

    -Specifications, Release Date, and overall information

    -What do the lights mean for the LED on the i760?
    -How do I Hard Reset my SCH-i760?
    -How do I Soft Reset my SCH-i760? (holder)
    -What Bluetooth Profiles does the SCH-i760 support?
    -How to help avoid hitting the voice command button while on a call
    -What are the exterior features of the i760, and what does everything do?
    -What are the SKU numbers for i760 accessories?

    -Is there an early copy of the manual?

    -Known Photos of the SCH-i760
    -Known videos of the SCH-i760

    Pre-release Discussion and Information:

    -SCH-i760 Release/Rumor Thread

    Links to Other Frequently Asked Questions:

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    Samsung SCH-i760 Specifications:

    This information is compiled from many online resources, and is everything we currently know about the i760. These specifications are NOT from Samsung, as so they many be inaccurate, or may change with the final release.

    Operating System - Windows Mobile 6 Professional (Pocket PC)

    Release date - Released to Internet and Telesales Oct 19, 2007 and in Stores November 2, 2007
    Price - Unknown (if memory serves, SCH-i730 debuted at $499 with 2 year contract, $599 with 1 year, and $699 no contract)
    Carrier - Only known carrier so far is Verizon

    Band/Radio - CDMA 800/1900MHz (all digital)
    Data Capabilities - 1xRTT/EV-DO (Rev 0)/WiFi
    WiFi Version - 802.11b/g
    Talk Time/Standby Time - Up to 210 minutes - Talk/204 hours - Standby
    Size - 4.49" x .77" x 2.28"
    Weight - 5.29 ounces with battery
    Display - 2.8" 65k color TFT, 320x240 resolution
    Touchscreen - Yes and stylus included
    Camera -1.3 megapixel
    Camera functionality - Camera and Video capable
    Bluetooth - Bluetooth V2.0. Check out profiles in post #5 below
    Memory - 128MB ROM, 64 application RAM, (54.5MB usable memory)
    Expansion Memory Slot - MicroSD (Transflash)
    Keyboard - Horizontal slider - 37 Keys QWERTY & Reset Button
    Keypad - Yes, exterior numbers with 5 way cursor and 2 "soft" buttons
    Sound - Samsung R2VS Stereo Surround (speaker in between sliders)
    Vibration support - Yes
    USB - USB 1.1 client, 12Mbit/s , new Proprietary Samsung connector (Different than the i730, SCH-i600, SCH-i700)
    Battery - Standard and Extended Battery

    In Box -
    • SCH-i760
    • Companion CD
    • Quick Reference Guide
    • Standard Battery
    • Travel Charger
    • User Manual CD ROM
    • Extended Battery
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Stylus
    • USB Data Cable
    • VZAccess Manager CD.
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    What do the LED's on the phone mean?

    Green: System
    Red: Phone
    Blue: Bluetooth
    Yellow: Wi-Fi
    Purple: Battery Charging
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    How do I hard reset my i760 to factory settings?

    Hold the red reset button found directly below the left soft key on the slide out keyboard and the center button (Action Key) of the four way cursor for a few seconds simultaneously, after holding for a few seconds release the reset button first.

    Second option is in the WM6 software, go to Phone Settings found in the System settings area, and use the Clear All Data function. This will clear all data and applications stored within the phones internal memory, but retains previous phone settings and preferences.

    For more information on hard resets, check out this thread: Hard Reset question
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    What Bluetooth Profiles are supported on the i760?

    Your phone supports the following profile service:
    • HSP: Mono Headset and Stereo Headset
    • HFP: Hands-Free Profile
    • SPP: Serial Port Profile (AT Commands)
    • DUN: Dial Up Networking
    • A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
    • AVRCP: Audio/Visual Remote Control Profile
    • OBEX: Object Exchange Profiles
    ---• OPP: Object Push Profile
    ---• FTP: File Transfer Profile
    ---• SYNC: Synchronization Profile
    ---• BIP: Basic Imaging Profile
    ---• BPP: Basic Printing Profile
    ---• PBAP: Phone Access Profile
    • GAVDP: Generic Audio/Video Distribution Profile
    • AVDTP: Audio/Visual Distribution Profile
    • AVCTP: Audio/Visual Control Transport Protocol Profile
    • HID: Human Interface Device
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    What do all the buttons do on the phone and the features of the phone (taken from the SCH-i760 Manual):

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails FAQ - Samsung SCH-i760 - Pre-Release Version-frontview.gif   FAQ - Samsung SCH-i760 - Pre-Release Version-closedview.gif   FAQ - Samsung SCH-i760 - Pre-Release Version-landscapeview.gif  
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    Thanks go to Dangerous for getting an early copy of the manual in this post:

    Samsung i760 - Release/Rumor Thread

    Here are some interesting facts from the manual:

    1. Voice Command will come with the phone
    2. MMS is on the phone
    3. Soft lock is improved
    4. WM6 still has the stupid balloon bubble
    5. Shows an icon for Bluetooth DUN
    6. Different Power connector (Still proprietary)
    7. Speaker is located on the back side of the top portion, directly behind the number pad
    8. Reset button is located on the slideout keyboard below the left soft key.
    9. Hard Reset your phone by holding the reset button and the center "action key" of the four way cursor, after holding for a few seconds, release the reset button first.
    10. No IR Port, all beaming done via Bluetooth (although this is good, because now you can beam and accept contacts from non-PDA phones as long as they have the Bluetooth profile, still sucks no IR port)
    11. "The i760 supports the 802.11b protocol stack." - Users who tested the i760 report that the test i760 unit they had supported 802.11b and G. This is not verified but comes from a trusted member of this site.
    12. The SD I/O Slot on the right side of the i760 is for use with an SD (secure digital) card. SD cards come in a variety of sizes and can hold up to 2 GB of data. Users who tested the i760 report that the test i760 unit they had supported cards up to 4GB. Of course, we are not able to verify this yet.
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    Veizon SKU for Accessories:

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    This is a working post for the mods. This is the links to information that will be added to the FAQ so the mods can post links to threads that need writeups and additions to the FAQ:

    Other things to add:
    How to Soft Reset
    All of the buttons & Assignments
    How to change the Right Soft Key Button

    Left Button Assignment
    Lost Button remap after hard reset

    Hack Request List
    I760 Hack Wish List

    VC Beeping when in a call
    Disable Voice Command Button when in a Call?

    Use the internal GPS
    Location on? VZWNavigator?

    Procedures for a "locked/frozen" device
    Touchscreen not responding!

    Disable SMS Sent in the Registry
    SMS Sent Message

    Multiple Keypresses
    Can keyboard handle multiple key presses?

    Hitting green send button with keyboard extended
    I760 Hack Wish List

    Setting the phone to vibrate (also in the Manual)
    Vibrate Mode

    Deleting e-mail from POP account that removes from the server
    Yahoo Mail: How best to set up "Y!" as the primary e-mail?

    Setup Gmail IMAP
    Gmail now offers free IMAP!!!

    Cases Thread
    The i760 Case Thread...

    Disable the #777 dialup bubble on data connect
    Disable the #777 bubble when Data connecting

    How to get to the today screen from any program
    Quickly jump to home screen

    Button 3
    Hard Buttons, or lack there of

    Change right soft key assignment
    Right Soft Key - Change it

    Change Internet Caches - should you, no....
    Cache Internet Files to Storage Card

    Memory explanation from an IE Cache Thread (post 4):
    Cache Internet Files to Storage Card

    Turn off advanced network features in ActiveSync to improve syncing:
    ActiveSync 4.5 and rapimgr.exe

    Change the keyboard to a soft keyboard, and change the SIP
    3rd party Keyboard?

    Keyboard shortcuts for e-mail:
    What features are missing from WM6?

    Setting a background image and changing the transparency:
    whitewash today screen?

    Multiple bluetooth Devices do not auto reconnect properly (BUG)
    Multiple Bluetooth devices not auto reconnecting

    Dial code for MAC address information
    Where can I find the MAC address?

    Threaded SMS - MMS fix:
    Threaded SMS for i760??

    Problems with Activesync and WMDC - Change the way it connects:
    Phone not recognized by Vista and MD Center 6.1

    Camera and camcorder information
    How to get the most out of the camcorder

    Samsung Digital Clock options
    Post your Today Screen

    Dormant mode vs disconnecting
    #777 Disconnect

    Settings Record Voice Note to a button:
    Voice Recorder

    Turn on the i760:
    Bummer ... DOA

    Useful numbers for Verizon:
    How do I check data usage?

    i760 Verizon Simulator
    Product Demo

    Fix button 3 shortcut target error:
    Messaging Button 3 Shortcut Target error

    Disable sounds from send/end/keypad
    Turn off beep when sending call?

    XM Radio on the i760:
    XM Radio on i760

    Change the left soft key:
    Mapping left softkey?

    GPS Threads:
    What GPS software do you recommend?

    Delete Key with the FN Lock:
    Delete button does not work with function key locked.

    App install 101 HOWTO:
    HOW TO: Install Programs on my i760

    Charging issues with turning on from programs automatically resetting:
    Soft Reset while charging - phone doesn't boot!

    Instant Messaging - IM - Windows Messenger, AIM, etc (post 2 for those threads):
    Messenger for WM6?

    Additional FN keys not on the keyboard:
    underscore key

    Known Dial Codes:
    Dial Codes

    The Comcast e-mail is too slow hack:
    Hack to speed up Comcast POP3 Login Works...

    Why can't I see album art on the tracks on my storage card when I sync using desktop Windows Media Player?:
    Getting album art in WMP with MicroSD Card music

    Delayed Ringing Fix using Service menu and Slot Cycle Index:
    PST Menu and Slot Cycle Index changes

    Assigning custom ringtone for contacts & changing alarm/alert sounds:
    ring tones, alarm tones - how to assign

    Shrinking oversized SMS and email header font sizes:
    Why is the mail HEADER so BIG? Can this be adjusted?

    Increase size of the right menu/soft key:
    Large right menu for fingers

    Convert the keyboard email key to a tab key:
    Add Tab Key to Keyboard

    Samsung Clock plug-in as cause of memory leak & how to disable the clock (from the thread describing how much free RAM the i760 has by default):
    Free Ram size on the I760?

    Hack that allows 4GB microSD (SDHC) card to be used with i760:

    4GB microSD HC
    And detailed instructions for installing that hack: samsung i760 4g hack
    Sorting contacts (last name, first and vice versa): Displaying contacts First name Last name

    Using the i760 with a Mac, including how to tether with a Mac:
    i760 on a Macintosh?

    Where is my PIM data (contacts, appointments, tasks) stored?
    PIM data is stored in a single file named PIM.vol, which is stored on the root of the i760. You make back-up this file manually by copying it to a storage card or computer. You also can delete the file if you want to erase all of your PIM data; however, before doing so, you definitely should keep a copy of it on the storage card.

    ActiveSync-USB Connection Problem:
    ARRGH! Cannot connect to Activesync!

    YouTube on the i760 (not an exhaustive list):
    with PIE or Opera
    Link to .cab file from Treo Central
    YouTube with TCPMP
    Another YouTube with TCPMP thread

    Adding pauses (hard and 2-second) to contact phone numbers:
    Dial Pauses

    Changing the boot (splash) screen and animated Verizon logo:
    How to Change the Boot Screens

    $29.99 data plan launched on 8/15/08:

    Bluetooth keyboards: see this thread and recommendations for a bluetooth keyboard?.
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    Where is Samsung's Official Support Page for the SCH-i760?

    To obtain official downloads direct from Samsung, just follow this link.
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