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    Questions about i760 "features"

    I have been reading the thread and some of the PDF documents about this phone and had a couple questions...

    It appears that the included accessories does not include a data cable. Is this true? What is the point of getting a PDA without a data cable or am I missing something obvious?

    It also appears that it is uses a proprietary charging cable. Is this true?

    Also, it doesn't appear to have a scroll wheel. Is this true? Does anyone have any opinion on the usefulness of the scroll wheel with WM6? I have come to really like that feature on the Q (granted you don't have much since it isn't touch screen) but I'm not sure how useful (or not) it will be vs the directional key.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts/suggestions etc

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    No need to start a new thread yet.

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    Locking this thread as the device is not out "yet" and all this will do is just clutter this forum with speculations and OT replies.
    Funny it worked.....the last time! Now I am not sure what was working before they put a hole in my head !

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