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    How many I760's got released

    I would like to find out how many people really got the phone so far? Are we talking 100 or 1000 or 20?

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    I think I am a lucky one - Will know for sure tommorrow

    Hello everyone - been following the i730 forums for the past 18 months - have owned it for over 2 years - great phone!!!

    I too have been wanting the i760 for a long while . Friday morning I called *611 to order one based upon the info here. The nice girl said she saw the unit based upon the SKU I gave her - but did not see see any stock. Then I asked her to call the B2B rep referenced in the the flurry of posting on the i760 rumor thread. Next thing I know she has it ordered.

    Got the shipment notification on Friday night. Was not marked for Sat delivery as I requested, so I have to wait until Monday (Monday night too because I gave my house as the delivery address thinking I would be there for Sat delivery, now that it is coming on Monday I hope someone will be here at home to receive it!!). I am able to see the package is now at the Tampa FedEx sort facility.

    I will know for sure tomorrow night!!!!

    Many thanks to mrailing and SuperDave over the past 18 months!!! You have made my i730 experience so much more enjoyable!!


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    I am one of the unlucky ones who missed out on the early **mess up** by VZW. Is anyone else besides me livid over the fact that VZW cannot even launch this highly anticipated phone in a correct manner? I mean, they REALLY come across like bozos throughout this whole incident.

    MRAILING EDIT - Language not needed, even if it is *** out. You can find other words to use...
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    I am closing this thread. Please see this thread for results when people have voted:

    The "I just got my i760!" Thread (post here if you just got yours)

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