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    Non-WM "companion" phone for the i760?

    When I get my i760 and get stuck under another contract, I'm going to upgrade my wife's "family plan" phone as well.

    Want to get her a relatively inexpensive phone (ie: Not $250 ;) that supports Bluetooth and has the best possible camera. Calls and camera are about all she uses, along with the occasional text message.

    Hope it's okay to ask this here -- I imagine many i760 buyers are going to be in a similar situation, with a family member using a "regular" phone, and I figure you guys have probably tried out the cooler phones available on Verizon...

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    I've had a KRZR for a while, and loved it! I just upgraded the RAZR2, but the KRZR is great too and cheap ($50 with NE2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by brassMONKEY View Post
    I've had a KRZR for a while, and loved it! I just upgraded the RAZR2, but the KRZR is great too and cheap ($50 with NE2)

    My wife has the original Razr. I want to get her the Razar2. What's new in the R2? I know this is OT for the i760 list.

    How well (easy) does it sync with Outlook?

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    My wife is on the LG 8600 Chocolate flip though I think they have phased it out for the shine. If she doesn't mind the flashy-nes of the LG Shine (LG 8700) I have played around with a few and they appear to be a good phone. That is my current go-to recommendation for friends and family.

    The only thing I don't know about is the camera quality as I haven't seen the pictures anywhere but phone screens.
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    I am in a little VzW program, and have had a chance to play with a few different phones.

    Original chocolate, enV, u740, u620, Razor V9m, Q9m. Of course the Q is a smart phone, but is my favorite of that bunch. But for a regular phone, I like the u740 for it's "slimness" and dual flip mode for keyboard texting. The u620 is a nice little sturdy device, and has the Mobile TV (which is remarkably clear--it's not data, but a converted UHF signal) but has the extra cost to view it. The enV was the best of the bunch, but is huge--might as well carry the i760. So for size (what is probably what you are looking for, I'd go with a u620 or u740. I haven't tried the KRAZR or the new chocolate.
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    A coworker has the u740 and it is a really nice phone. If she texts at all I would recommend it highly, if not the the new RAZR2 is a really nice unit as well.

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    The big plus (why my wife got the rzr2) with motorola is the MPT(motorola phone tools) software. That allows you to sync contacts/emails etc with outlook on the desktop and other stuff. It is on the expensive side though for the short term.

    If you want a good camera on a phone look else where though. The MAXX has a better camera and flash.

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    Why not just ask your wife which phone she would like and the features that she wants to be included. Maybe she wants wifi, or maybe she wants to text her friends, even email, or maybe she wants just a plain phone. But whatever she wants ask her even if this is a gift make sure that the phone has the features that she would like. Just a thought. She wouldn't buy you tools without first asking what is that you wanted the features in that tool to be would she?
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