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    TCPMP Video Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Brick View Post
    Ive used WM player to watch a few podcasts but never loaded any movies. What works for watching movies on a i730/i760...

    (i know...wrong thread to be asking)
    Quote Originally Posted by onlydarksets View Post
    That's a huge topic - search for TCPMP and start from there.
    Here you are...

    GoFileGo.com - Downloading "ac3.pocketpc.zip"

    and here is the plug in...

    GoFileGo.com - Downloading "TCPMPflvplugin-v0.4.2.CAB"

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    It's still actively being hosted here as well:

    Of course, that is subject to change, but it's been there forever.

    To convert video files, look no further than PocketDivxEncoder:

    Make sure you download version 0.3.96 (you have to scroll down). It will convert pretty much everything out there. Occasionally it will choke on a VOB, though. DVR-MS files give it a bit of a fit, too, but you can use the special version of mencoder in DVRMSToolbox for those:
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