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Thread: Double Whammy

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    Double Whammy

    So I pulled off the double whammy this week (moved something off VZW but kept myself open for the 760). I'm bitter about the slow release:

    1) Wife has two lines and she couldn't care either way. Been on VZW 15+ years. Her phone's battery was dying after one year, so I sent her to get the Iphone. She couldn't be happier, and I get to play with it. Two lines now on ATT vs. VZW.

    2) I really wanted to get the Tilt today because I'm sick of the Q (half dozen soft resets a day without me touching it). I am afraid of ATT because too many times I travel with work and wait for everyone to use my phone because ATT has no signal but my VZW does. Then it occurs to me, I've got my I730 (SD WM5) sitting in the drawer for the past year. I pulled it out, activated it, and started playing again. It is still a brick, but it's still an awesome phone. I figure it will keep me occupied until the 760 comes out, and after using it for a while, the 760 will seem like Q in terms of size.

    While the specs on the Tilt are awesome, comparatively speaking, for my travels, it is about The Network, so they've got a little while (2 weeks) to get the 760 out.

    PS: Props to Mrailing for having the patience to mod this board, and I can't wait to see what SD and Mrailing come up with for this phone.


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    well i say F i760 for tilt and not looking about.

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