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    Finally,I-760 is available at the!!!

    The waiting is over. it's officially available at
    However, Only diferrence between this one and 730 seems bluetooth 2.0 (a2dp supported) and CAMERA!!! other than that....what's the big deal?

    I'm very disappointed by 760's specification.

    1. 128 Rom / 64 Ram
    2. Only 1.3 megafixel camera w/ flash & camcoder
    3. No built in GPS

    What the @#$@%. Shouldn't it have 256 Rom with 128 ram, at least 3.0 megafixel camera? Now, with online discount, new customer can get if for $299. Now, let me compare this with AT&T's Tilt.

    1. 256 MB Flash ROM and 128 MB SRAM
    2. 3 MP camera with 10x zoom and autofocus
    3. Built-in GPS for use with Telenav GPS Navigator(TM)

    Tilt's internet price is $299 at the AT&T web site.

    Should I change my service provider because of this? Well... What you all think about this?

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    Get a Tilt.

    If you were serious about this phone you would realize that some of us have had it for a month now, and you wouldn't need to get your specs from the VZW site anway.

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    I agree with cybrwulf,

    Get the Tilt since you think that it is so good. I happen to love my i760 and I also have had mine for a month now. The fact that it is also on the Verizon network is a good thing. If you do any traveling at all you know that AT&T isn't that great for reception anyway. Where I live in Arizona AT&T isn't even an option (doesn't offer service here). I believe that since both the Tilt and the i760 are cell phones, one should be able to get good reception where ever they are. So you be happy with your Tilt and the rest of us on the i760 forum will be happy with our i760 and the verizon network.
    One of the first "40" and am having fun playing with my new PDA phone the Samsung SCH-i760
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    I paid $99 with ADD

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    Thats a question only you can answer. But to be honest I think you just want to steer up trouble, and I also know some people are like that they just don't know how to act if they don't steer the pot just a little.
    However if that is really a question you would like me to answer than here goes. If you don't travel and well don't have many friends than go with AT&T but if you like the rest of us have or like to travel and you have friends than VZW is the way to go. I live off of I 40 and can't get AT&T here. Which if you think of that you should be able to get reception on I 40 from end to end with any company but you can't VZW is one of 3 companies that I can chose from. You heard me one of 3 how sad is that.

    So do what you may or wish but i prefer to use a network that is larger and more reliable.
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    I agree with Cybrwulf too. Specs are misleading.

    By the way.... I vote cybrwulf for funniest Avatar!

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    funny that it never made it to Testman.

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    I am closing this thread. There are already numerous discussions of the Tilt vs i760, as well as the other devices. The Release/Rumor thread contains CONSTANT discussion about the device, as well as the numerous other threads comparing the i760 with the i730. We don't need to rehash it all again and re-discuss it all. If you want to continue the discussion, please choose one of the other threads to do so.

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