Yup, standard thing, but yet, so many people never read it...

This forum is going to be FAR more active since the release of the SCH-i760 has happened for Internet and Telesales on October 19, 2007, and in stores on November 2, 2007. Since this is the case, and we are bound to get many members here who haven't visited before, please follow these simple guidelines:

1. Check the FAQ & Wiki. The FAQ will be updated periodically. It is found in the yellow header at the top of the forum, and check it for your answers. As time progresses the FAQ will be moved to a Wiki, or it will be supported by a Wiki. Check either of these things before posting to find your answer.

2. Search - Yes there is a search, use it, simple as that. This forum will contain LOTS of information, and as time goes on, you are bound to have the same questions as those who visited before you. If you don't search, you might find your thread closed with an answer and pointer to the original thread, but don't be offended by this, we like to try to maintain some type of order around here and keep things organized so that the people that ACTUALLY search, will find things easier to find. So simply put, do a search FIRST.

3. Listen to the mods - Ok, there are a few moderators in ALL of our forums. Listen to what they suggest or ask, and things will run smooth. The mods aren't paid for what they do, they do it out of love for the site, and love for the technology. If you don't agree with something one of them does, including myself, report it to another moderator, or Private Message the site owner "Convergent". We aren't perfect, but we try to be helpful. If a moderator closes a thread, asks you to search, or asks you to watch your language or calm down, listen to them, they have their reasons. If you get asked to search or have your thread closed, did you read 1-1 above?

4. Search again - Did you skip reading number 1 and number 2? Please search, really, you can and WILL find answers by searching. Post in those threads that you find and don't start new ones. This will keep things organized and make it easier to find the information you want.

5. Profanity - This is simple, it isn't wanted or needed here. We have functioned for years without profanity on the boards, and this includes using it covered up, like $*&^ or #%$&#$. This just isn't needed. There are FAR other words choices in words to choose than profanity. We try to make this forum geared to ANYONE who wants to be here, and try to keep it work safe. If you are asked to watch your language, or find your thread edited by a moderator, don't get mad, learn from it and choose better words.

6. Attitude - Just check your hat and leave it at the door. We are hear to improve the device of this forum. We want to make it better. If you are having a bad day, don't post. If you see someone else having a bad day, just report their post and don't respond to it. Responding to them is called FLAMING, and it isn't needed. Your posts will likely be deleted, and a PM will be sent from a moderator, and you could result in a "time-out" or banning of your username. We really don't want to do it, but sometimes we must to make this a "family" and "work" friendly site.

7. Post Whoring - This typically doesn't happen much, but it happens. Post whoring is posting just to increase your post count. This isn't needed. Just post up when you have a question, and when you have information to share. Stick around long enough and your post count will increase on it's own. If you want to post *****, do it in the lounge, and don't clutter the forums. Joking is great, as many of us on the boards have become friends, but posting to increase your post count, isn't something we like to see.

8. Search - Have I mentioned this yet? It's located in the upper right hand corner of the website...