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    Mrailing turned me into a geek.

    I had a silly little cell phone two years ago. a green screen with black font. I didn't want to be bothered with the blackberry, email constant tie t the office. Never even considered a blackberry/treo. I just figured if I was going to take the leap I would do it in a big way. Knew nothing and would not even buy the phone until the lying,scheming vzw rep broke down and allowed me to buy it without a two year data plan. I activated the data plan two days ater and the rest is history.

    Anyway this is all worthless drivel. I am charging my i760 for first tme as I type. Somehow I found this forum and Mrailing and Sdave, (whatever happened to him) and Mrailing has turned me into a geek.

    Thank You I am much more productive, my kids totally get the connectivity age they are growing up in and I read thre RR thread for months prior to getting a 661 on the line last night and receiving my device today.

    M can I send you some coin in anyway but paypal. Let me know brother and thank for everything.

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    SuperDave is still around, in fact, the board just bought us our SCH-i760 (they donated towards it). Mine should be here tomorrow (should, I will be MAD if it is not). But I never turn down a donation, the link is in my profile...

    <<<<<<<------------- Link

    Glad to hear you are moving forward, and hopefully the many users around the board will help to make this device just as good as the i730...

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