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    Only 1 GB MicroSD support

    I called verizon earlier today and they had me speak to a samsung rep. I had ordered a 6GB MicroSD card with the assumption that one of the hacks would enable larger support for the card. The rep told me that the i760 is unstable with anything larger than a 1 GB card.

    I tried to install a CAB that would allow me to access larger files, but it only enabled me to see the first 1.6GB of the 6GB MicroSD card. (the file can be found on this thread: 4GB microSD HC)

    I had been using the 6gb card on a q9m, and it worked perfectly.

    Anyone have some suggestions?

    (I started a new thread because I thought it would be pertinant for people who only had smaller cards and wouldn't check the threads about 4 and 8 gb microSD support)

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    I've been running my i760 with a 2GB card for the past 2+ weeks without any noticeable problems whatsoever (other than when I tried to move PIEs caches to the microSD card, which I've described in another thread). My understanding was that 2GB was the largest size officially supported.
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    Please refer to this existing thread on the subject:
    4GB microSD HC

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    I am reading and using all 4GB of my microSD card, without any problems whatsoever, AFTER I installed the hack. The hack is posted in numerous i760 threads including those names in this thread...

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