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    Transfer contacts from HP to i760

    I have an old HP PDA... wm5.. It will not sync anymore with my PC.. tried everything.
    I have all my contacts on the HP

    How can I get the contacts into the i760.

    Is there a way to copy a file from the HP PDA that has the contacts over to the i760?

    Paul G

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    Bluetooth? Wireless? Memory card? Can't beam the contacts (no IR on i760) ... ummm not sure how/what you are using for the contacts on the HP PDA so its hard to know exactly what you should do for the export part
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    Copy My Device\pim.vol on your HP to a storage card. Copy from whatever storage card fits your HP to your PC. Copy from your PC to a microSD storage card. Copy from that card to the same file on your 760, also at the device root, My Device\pim.vol.

    Don't copy the file from your PC to your 760 over a connected ActiveSync, it will corrupt.

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    Are these instructions the same if I need to get my contacts from my i760 into outlook. WMDC doesn't seem to be syncing from the unit to the pc. I don't have my old outlook file to use as a backup so I want to get them from the pocket pc into outlook. I just got a new pc with Vista home premium and I am most frustrated with the process of getting everything switched over. Thanks in advance for any help.

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