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    Disconnecting a data call

    I noticed that when I close PIE it doesn't automatically disconnect the data call Is there anyway to get it to do this automatically or do I need to go into the wireless manager everytime to disconnect.
    Its no big deal as I have the unlimited data package but I was just curious and also wanted to warn those out there on the PAYG plans that it stays connected on a data call though I don't know if there is a charge if you are not using the data connection...
    ANy thoughts?

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    For a short time I had a Pocket PC phone with WM5 Professional and I loved that it turned off the connection when you left a program if nothing needed it anymore to conserve battery life. In the Smartphone world, in WM5, the data connection would always stay connected once you use it and seemed to only really kill it sometimes during a phone call. I wonder if Microsoft just took that feature over to WM6 for both platforms. Granted my i760 is on order right now so I have not been able to play with WM6 at all yet.

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    After a timeout, the data connection goes to CDMA dormant mode. You can force an active data connection to dormant mode by pressing the end button. Press it twice to disconnect.

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