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    Robert Tankersley
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    Help with Active Synch - Important

    First - I have used active synch for several years with a different PDA so I am not new at this.

    Second - I am synching from the i760 to my own personal computer using active synch with the USB cable.

    Third - before someone goes down the wrong path, I am not using wireless synch and I am not trying to synch to an exchange server. There is no server involved except my own personal computer and the i760.

    The issue. I have had the device since Oct 26. During this time period on four (4) occasions I have been presented the message "Something has changed on the server, you must resynch everything." If I agree to this each resynch either never finished or finished after 5-6 hours. If I clear all data it will establish a new pairing and then synch.

    This is not acceptable for several reasons. One is that by so doing all contact pictures and ringtone assignments are destroyed.

    Please - I need help on this issue.
    Robert Tankersley CDP

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    I believe you already started a thread on this topic here:

    Activesynch error

    PM me if you feel you have a need to start another thread. I'd suggust you give that thread a bump since you already have some good discussion going there.

    - Andrew -

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