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    Video Playback issues

    Hi group, I have been an owner of the i760 now for about 2 weeks. I was a happy owner of a i730 and am excited to have teh new device. I have trained myself in using the i760 and like the look and feel. I have one issue however, video playback. I am a user of Orb which worked worderfully on my 730. Now on the 760 i get lots of pauses and buffering. At first i thought it might have been my service but even when copying and playing the video locally i get the same phenomenon.
    has anyone else seen this and successfuly tweak the issue? I am running E-sword, Ilium's E-wallet and newsbreak and use wireless sync in the unit but thats it. I have a bad feeeling I'm going to be told to hard reset and start over.
    If so, what's the hard reset procedure?

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    try to play the exact same file on your 730. if it plays poorly on the 730 then the problem is most likely that the original has too high of a resolution or too high of a bitrate to play well on either phone. If it plays well on the 730, then the problem could be alot of things. Make sure you close as many apps and today screen items as possible. Are you using TCPMP? make sure you have good codecs/plugins installed. what is the format of the file thats causing problems? have you tried playing files of differnet formats? ones that you know play well on your 730?

    see this post, I dont know if it applies to your situation.
    TCPMP WMV9 Fix (Orb Fix) - xda-developers

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