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    software update question

    if an application has been updated how would i go about to gettin the upgraded one. do i have to delete my current app and download the new one?

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    This varies by application. Some will do the uninstall keeping all your settings and install the new version. Some will require that you uninstall first. Some make you reboot between the uninstall and the install.

    Generally, the more Windows Mobile software a vendor makes, the better their upgrade software takes care of everything. Try to install the upgrade, the app will tell you if there is anything special you need to do.

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    To piggyback on Sleeve. Some programs such as PhoneAlarm, it's better to uninstall, make sure the directory is removed from the device (in Program Files most likley), and then do a soft reset before you reinstall.

    But most programs upgrade without an issue, and possibly can tell you to remove them first before installing the upgrade.

    My typical course of action is to actually do a hard reset and reload everything from scratch. This makes sure their are no issues, but this can be time consuming...

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