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    Phone Alarm Bug: Loud Beep!

    I've been having an interesting issuhttp://www.smartphoneforums.com/forums/pda_icons/editor/menupop.gif
    http://www.smartphoneforums.com/foru...r/menupop.gife. Once in a while my i760 will start making a very loud continuous beep. It seems to be tied into the audible alarm for incoming voice mail. I'm running Phone Alarm Full 1.62.

    PA is the only 3rd party I'm running on my 760 besides Google Maps which is generally not running when the beep happens.

    Anyone else have this?

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    Have you gone through ALL of the phoneAlarm settings?

    I have noticed by default that many of the profile settings HAVE to be tweaked because they don't point to a correct audio file on the device. Make sure you go through EVERY PA setting, clicking on each one and making sure it is set correctly...

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