I know that there are threads about the best software to put on our i760s. Within a bunch of threads are people asking for small, unobtrusive programs instead of programs like Pocket Plus, Agenda, and Pocket Informant. Just small programs that give information quickly without cluttering the Today Screen. I'm sure there are tons of them, but I have found one that I am really enjoying. I tried a lot of the spb programs and they were way more than I wanted for what I do with my phone. I also tried some of the other Today plug ins and they were so cumbersome.

I have discovered the spb shell program and love it! It is small, yet can do exactly the things that I am looking for.

There is a feature called the Now Screen that shows everything in one quick glance--# of email, voicemail, text messages. It shows that day's appts, any alarms set, the time, speaker volume, and battery stregth. It's great--everything that I want to know without cluttering up the Today screen. Everytime you wake up your phone, the Now screen shows until you tap the screen. When you tap the screen, your regular Today shows up. There are other things that the program can do, but the Now Screen is the thing that I use the most. It took about 30 seconds to set it up and now I find myself only checking the Now screen between meetings.

Check this program out if you are like me and just want something small and easy to use.