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    Windows Mobile 6 Change to Active Tasks Filter

    Hello all,

    I searched posts and it appears there are other threads but no one has found an answer to this problem.

    I'm running WM6 on a Samsung SCH-i760 (which is a very cool PDA by the way) and I'm quite reliant on the tasks lists on both the PDA and Outlook (which syncs with Microsoft CRM). When I set future tasks, then set the filter for "Active Tasks", I get all the future tasks showing up.

    This is horrible, as I have high-priority tasks due in Apr 2008 showing up as things I should be working on now!

    I tried Pocket Informant, but it's way too complex and I only need the tasks fix.

    Thanks for any help/advice!


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    I'm in the same boat. The filtering is horrible within windows mobile 6. I've resorted to using AgendaOne I'd be interested if there are any other solutions.

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    Take a look at a trial of PocketBreeze. It does more than just organize tasks, so it's another case of more than what you need. But that's because most of these software companies want to make something that does a lot for $15 instead of a little for $1.99.

    I think PB is a lot less heavy to deal with than Agenda Fusion or Pocket Informant. It can do what you need with one configuration change: limit future tasks 1/2/3/6 months. It has options to do many other things, too.

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    Being a stickler - there's Agenda One (which was referred to) and Agenda Fusion (which wasn't). Agenda One is a slimmer app that's far more WM6 friendly (and that I'll remove from my WM device when I receive a court order to do so...).

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