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    Phone Ringer Delay

    Hello All, I was wondering if anyone else noticed the delay in the phone ringing?
    I have tested this with 2 different phones I760 one with Phonealarm the other
    just as is software added. the caller hears atleast 4-5 ring before the I760 starts ringing. If you look at the phone it wakes up on the first ring,
    but doesnt actually ring and show the caller for about 4 more rings from the caller. This leaves about 2 rings on the phone till voice mail kicks in.I have tested this witha regular Verizon phone and they ring on the first caller's ring.
    Can this be changed?

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    Try Searching

    I believe this is being discussed already, here:

    Delayed Ring

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    Quote Originally Posted by fronc View Post
    I believe this is being discussed already, here:

    Delayed Ring
    fronc, thanks for pointing us to the pre-existing thread (kind of like a pre-existing medical condition in insurance terminology ).

    I'm going to close this thread and ask that additional discussion regarding ringtone delay continue in the other thread.
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