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    Any way to sync while charging without a cradle?

    First...I'm an i730 upgrader and after 2 days, I wouldn't go back. Although I am a little sad when I look at my trusty 'ol i730 setting in its cradle slowly trickling down on its last charge

    Question: Is there anyway to sync while charging the phone? I am using the phone heavily to set it up...and play. I keep topping off the battery; but am too impatient to leave it charging very long because I quickly find a need to sync something else.

    I believe I am right that Activesync won't work via BT or Wifi...only through the "sync-only" USB Cable.

    It wouldn't be so bad that Samsung didn't include a desktop cradle if...they had a method included in the box that charged and synced at the same time or they had cradles in stock to sell.

    I believe I'll have to do the cable swapping routine until Mac Media comes out with their sync-n-charge cable or until Samsung makes some more desktop cradles.

    BTW: Did I say that this phone is SWEET! I have already tricked it out with the Freedom Mini GPS which is way cool just using Live Search. And I am hooked up with a Plantronics Voyager 855 BT Headset with the snap-on stereo ear bud...also cool. Plus a SanDisk 4GB microSD to hold all of the data and music for my apps...

    Addon Apps include:

    Spb Pocket Plus
    Spb Phone Suite
    Spb Time
    Spb Backup
    Spb Weather
    Live Search
    Resco Explorer-FTP-Radio-Audio Recorder
    PocketWorld Info
    mNotes (Lotus Notes PIM Client)
    Links Golf
    Full Hand Casino

    ...It's all good...if I can sync and charge at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jfourman View Post
    Question: Is there anyway to sync while charging the phone?
    Yes, ThePocketSolution.com has a cable that syncs and charges

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    ...and you can sync through Bluetooth. For more information, search on ActiveSync Bluetooth

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    Wow! Thanks for the replies...

    rpretzel: I had read about the PocketSolutions cable; but I was waiting for a Mac Media retractable model. However, my patience lasted less than 24 hours and I just ordered the PocketSolutions cable, auto charger and a spare stylus. ...Thanks!

    Sleeve: I gave up way too early on researching the ability to Activesync over BT. I had looked in the Activesync Connections menu and did not find a simple "enable activesync over bluetooth" check box and assumed it wasn't possible. You suggested I search... I found a thread entitled "Activesync over Bluetooth"... Duh? In 5 minutes, I was syncing over BT while charging my phone ...Thanks!
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