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    Question Activesync error - 80070057 (all of a sudden)

    I sync my i760 to two different machines: home and work.

    Home works great. Even got bluetooth sync working.

    At work, it took a while. I had to get our IS admin to install AS 4.5 for me (our machines are locked down pretty tightly), and after some playing I got it to work. It synced without incident for the first 2 or 3 times.

    Earlier this week, I synced with work and got the 80070057 error. AS started, it looked like it was syncing, saw the checkmarks next to Contacts and Calendar (that's all I sync at work), and then I got the "check status" error and the dreaded red exclamation point in the AS logo. Nothing had actually transferred to the phone (no new appointments). Checking the status told me I had error code 80070057, try again later.

    Any suggestions on what it could be? I've searched some on google for it and find some things to try, but nothing has worked yet.

    I hope someone can help. I really like this phone, and I'd like it even more if I could use the PDA functionality the way I need to. Thanks.


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    If there's a new item, be it calendar or contact, activesync can periodically choke on what it THINKS may be corrupted. Try removing, or copying to another folder temporarily, the most recent items you added since your last successful sync. Then try syncing again. If you're good at that point, then recreate the item in your calender and contacts folder.

    Another option would be to delete the sync relationship all together, soft reset, and try syncing again.

    Good luck!

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