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    Messenger for WM6?

    On both my Moto Q and PN-820 they have MSN Messenger installed by default.

    I can't find this on the i760. Does anyone know where I can get a MSN Messanger for the i760?

    Microsoft says it's only available for WM5 (and only available for purchase).

    It says windows live messenger is available on certain devices but doesn't say which devices or where to get it if the device doesn't come with it.

    What are you all using for IM on this thing?


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    IM software, including MSN Messenger, for the i760 has been a hot topic here. It's been addressed in several threads, including the following:

    IM on the Samsung i760

    New to PocketPCs, IM Question

    2 Questions: MobiTV & AIM program

    The key to finding them is to use the Search button and be creative with the search terms. "IM" doesn't work because search terms have to be at least 4 characters or more. However, terms such as "chat," "instant" "messaging," "messenger" work very well.

    Post #20 of this thread contains a link where you can download the latest version of Windows Live, which does work with the i760: Add Windows Live services. Searching for "Windows Live" would have pointed you that thread.

    I'm going to go ahead and close this thread. Please continue discussions of instant messaging software, including Messenger/Windows Live, in one of the other open threads.

    The Fine Print:Nothing in this post (or any of my other posts) is intended to constitute legal advice or the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. For purposes of this forum, I'm just another nerd like you. :-)

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