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    POP Acct: sbcglobal/att

    Still trying to get my POP mail to work.

    I HAVE been able to get the email to land on my phone....once. Have not been able to send. I saw the post/reply that said some ISPs won't let you send email from a PDA. Does anyone know if SBCglobal.net accounts are in this boat?

    I tried to set up the verizon account for outgoing and am having issues. Will have to call them because they don't seem to know who I am.

    Also, I've tried to tell the phone to "remember" my password. For some reason the password I'm putting in isn't sticking. I'm putting in an 8 digit password and I keep coming back to it and it is at least twice as many asteriks. Anyone else experiencing this?

    If you do use verizon for your outgoing, and someone replies to you, where does the message go?


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    I have not had an SBC/AT&T mail account for a couple years. However, when I last used them you had to meet one of two qualifications to send mail.

    1. Be on their DSL/dialup network
    2. Authenticate with your username/password

    Recently they've sent notices to my customers that you must now connect with SSL via port 465. I don't know if the i760 supports that, as I haven't the need for POP accounts, but you might check that.

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