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    Photo Contacts Pro Vs. SPB Phone suite

    I am trying to compare Photo Contacts Pro with SPB Phone Suite. The major difference I noticed is that PCP allows for a larger caller id photo. Also PCP takes 2 taps to 'unhide' the photo dialer from the Today screen while SPBPS expands with one tap. Anyone have any input on either program? Also, which program requires less memory to run and less program memory to install. PCP seems to slightly slow down the i760...this may be in my head though.


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    I looked at both of those but eventually went with SPB Phone Suite. I don't think you can really go wrong with either, just depends on what you're looking for.

    PCP overall looks more robust with the thumbnail editor, and higher res (full screen) pics. It also replaces the built in contacts apps.

    I just went with Phone Suite because I liked the Today plug in better, with the missed messages/calls notification. And all I really needed was quick access to a handful of contacts. It was cheaper too.

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