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Thread: SMS over evdo

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    SMS over evdo

    I have searched and searched and cannot find an answer to this question...

    I use to have a blackberry with tmobile, I was able to send sms through gprs and it would not count against my sms messages.

    I can send free sms messages from programs for windows.
    But I cannot find a program which will send sms through evdo.

    If we can send free sms messages through a pc, why not a pocket pc, or is there a program which I am missing out on?

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    There are a couple of not so great ways to do this.

    First, you can use either Verizon's or any other web SMS provider's free web SMS send function using Pocket IE and a data connection. You can't really have any conversation that way, though.

    Second, you can send the message as an email to their carrier's email to SMS gateway. For Verizon, it's phonenumber@vtext.com. This is also not a good way to hold a conversation if you needed that ability.

    There are IM apps you can install that will use your data connection, and many IM systems can be configured so that messages sent to members who are offline are sent as SMS if they have a mobile configured in their profile. I can do this with anyone on Windows Messenger if I have their mobile number and they've allowed me to send SMS and they're offline in Messenger.

    None of these methods will cost you an SMS fee. None of them are any good if you want to send a lot of messages back and forth, though.

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    Thanks for the info, that is also the conclusoin I have come to.

    I was just hoping for an application which would be easy to use for multiple messages.

    It should be possible if its possible for a windows application to send a sms.

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