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    Media Player, Incoming Call and/or Dormant

    Whenever I was listening to music on the i730 and a phone call came in, the music would pause until the phone call was finished then start again automatically whereever it left off. However, on the i760 when the phone call ends it is like media player "resets" and I have to go back and have the library switch back to Storage Card and then select my playlist again. This is becoming very annoying especially when I am driving.

    In addition the player seems to "reset" when the phone goes into dormant mode. With the i730, I could pause a song indefinitley, let the phone go into dormant mode, and then whenever I felt like listening to music again, I could start up whereever I left off.

    Anyone have a fix for this?


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    If anyone is interested, I think I just found out what the problem was. Media Player is set to default on the device memory and not the storage card. I went into the registry and made the storage card the default. So far it is working.

    Here is the link for the fix:
    Media Player Library default location - xda-developers

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    Good find; I don't keep any multimedia on the device, all on the card, so that was kind of bugging me.
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    If you have any questions at all feel free to PM me, or email me on my personal account. nathan.burlison@gmail.com
    Also, please feel free to call me at my store anytime, (314) 291-8699. Just ask for me.


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