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    Do you need both SPB Mobile Shell + SPB Pocket Plus

    I am currently using the demo of each and love them so far. Thanks for all fo the great input on their software. I was a palm person as of a few weeks ago, and had never heard of the SPB name.

    I am addicted to the features like scrolling and tabs and close in pocket plus, but I also like the nice set up of mobile shell, but I was wondering if I really need to get both or if Pocket plus will really let me do most of the Mobile Shell like customizations itself too?


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    It's probably just personal preference. A lot of people love Mobile Shell, but I actually preferred not to have it. There was a delay everytime I woke up the phone, as it went from the Today screen to the Now screen. I'm perfectly happy with Pocket Plus, especially the new version 4.

    I also came from several years of Palm OS but don't miss it at all anymore.

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    I have them both on my phone and love them. I actually made the the first tab on the SPB Shell program go to the SPB Plue today plug in so I didnt clog up my screen with a million icons.

    I really like the SPB Shell program for the Dial tab it makes it great to push an icon and have 5 names.

    For the delay in the 'wake up' function, that is easily stopped by changing the settings.

    I recommend both, but then again it is expensive to buy both.


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