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    Best Java Virtual Machine for the i760?

    I just found this forum and joined immediately. It looks very active on the i760 which I just bought am very happy with. The i760 is my first smartphone/pda. I used to own a Handspring Visor (Palm OS) years ago, but when the power supply went dead, I stopped using a PDA. Now that I have the i760, I'm wondering why. email/calendar/internet/phone all on one device.

    I'm a Java guy, and was wondering about support for it. I googled and found some folks citing the IBM J9 virtual machine, but this has surfaced a problem I have when looking for software for my i760. It runs Windows Mobile 6, but unless the software I'm going to download expressly mentions WM6, I have no idea what else it's compatible with. Is it a Pocket-PC? Is Windows CE 5.0 or Windows Mobile 5 a better choice, etc.

    At the IBM site, there was even a choice for Windows Mobile 5 Hi-Res (vga).

    From IBM I downloaded the trial version of this one weme-wm50-arm-midp20_6.1.1.20061110-161633.zip

    It seems to work. I tried two games from midlet.org and one worked, the other didn't but with no error. The one that worked had a very small screen much smaller than the i760. Made me wonder whether it was the game or the jvm?

    Has anyone found a good Java Virtual Machine for the i760?

    And if so, any favorite Java midlets?


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    I don't use a JVM myself, but you may find these guides worthwhile. They were written by one of the most respected Windows Mobile guru's around:

    Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Expert: Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen - The (Java) MIDlet Bible

    The second part is here:

    Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine Expert: Werner "Menneisyys" Ruotsalainen - The (Java) MIDlet Bible PART II

    Hope that helps.

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    Good info in those links, but man that author has to stop with the middle of thought side comments. There are many - because who doesn't like reading in jerky interruptions - in every (as in all) sentence (such as the group of words between the last period and the next).
    Reading those articles is like the hard stop and go of a brand new teenager driving for the first time.
    Last edited by sdittmar; 11-10-2007 at 09:09 PM. Reason: I underestimated how many side comments there really were... oy
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    LOL. Can't argue with you there

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    I'm using "Esmertec Jbed". Found a link for it over on the 6800 forum. The download is on xda's forum, so you will have to sign up there too.

    Runs my Opera mini 4 great.

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    wow what a great java program

    hi and thanks so much for the link to that java program--i'm running java programs incredibly well on my MotoQ, which I couldn't before, so many thanks!

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    no joy here either...

    I pulled down the JBED.ZIP file and loaded the CAB from the XDA-Dev fourms...and I have the Esmertec Jbed running on my phone. I reloaded GMAPs, but I still get the unavailable thing.

    any more hints?
    WM5 and not looking back.

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