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    First Time PDA User, Going Nuts Not Being Able to Sync Outlook

    PLease bear with me guys, but I am going nuts. I am trying to set-up an Outlook Account with my gmail account, and then once this is set-up I want my new gmail Outlook account to sync up with my I-760. I want it to be able to sync up with my contacts and my emails. I want to be able to send e-mails from my PDA, and have this mirror my outlook. I know my boss at work has it set-up this way with his Blackberry, but I do not understand how to do this. I have tried reading about this 100 different places today, and tried setting it up on my computer and PDA, and nothing works. I want to completely start over, and need the proper steps for this to work. Please any help would be so appreciated, thank you in advance!

    (I think I may need help also on how to properly set-up a gmail account in Outlook)

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    You'll have to use IMAP to do what you're describing without any additional software. If you go to Settings in GMail, they'll have instructions on how to configure Outlook (for 2007, just use 2003 in their list). Then repeat the process on your i760.

    Note that some HTML mail isn't coming across on WM6 when you use IMAP for GMail. So you may want to configure it as pop and prepend "recent:" to your user name (like "recent:myuser@gmail.com").

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