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    If you knew about oncourse navigator GPS 6 but chose NOT to buy it...

    I have the i760 and need to purchase a new oncourse card so I can use it on my new phone. I now have the mini Sd. and need to go to the micro. i figure instead of just buying it . i would compare other brands too. I really like the oncourse. everything exept you HAVE to use their micro SD card. If you didnt this wouldnt be an issue. Then I could just buy one huge micro sd card, and have gps and other software on it. Now. if you chose not to buy the Oncourse, what were your reasons? On course is good for GPS. I use the oncourse recieve as well, and the best part, it has 15 million POI's.
    Are there any that are better and still has that many POI's that also work for the i760? Will I need to buy a new reciever as well?

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    Didn't know about oncourse, but if I did, I still would have chosen TomTom because TomTom allows for you to run it via your own memory card. I couldn't stand having to swap out the memory card everytime I wanted to use GPS. With these MircoSDs so small, you're running the risk of losing it one day.

    Garmin and TomTom are probably 1 and 2 when it comes to the GPS game. Unfortunately, Garmin also requires you to use their proprietary memory card for the maps so TomTom wins in that respect.

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    Transfer to microSD

    Has anyone had any luck in transferring OnCourse from a miniSD card to a microSD card?

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    Based off of other people's writings I think I am going to try Iguidance v4. But hereis a link to another thread that extensively looks at GPS software for the I 760.

    What GPS software do you recommend?
    It is kind of fun to try the impossible.

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