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    Unhappy help

    Hi- I dont know how to post this anywhere else- so I apoligize if I posted in the worng place.

    I am trying to hook up my hotmail on the SCH i760- I dont know what I am doing. Can someone tell me how to set up my email??

    Somehow I activitated windows live and verizons active sync- I dont want to on my phones today screen.... can anyone help me out with this? it has the big icons (well bigger then normal) from email, send recieve, calander, tasks, and the sync..... can they be removed???

    I switched from a palm based treo and I feel lost....


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    try this for setting up your email.i don't have mine set up so i can't help much.i'll also be the first to suggest using the search function on this forum.there is a ton of help on here....you just gotta find it.

    POP3 email ??'s. cannot send....

    as far as the today screen,tap the right soft key/today settings/items.from there you can select what you want to see on your today screen.

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