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    Outgoing Mail Optimum Online

    Hello all,

    Just got my first smart phone, and I am having trouble sending mail through the mail app on my optimum online account. I have the following settings:

    Outgoing mail server: mail.optonline.net
    Domain: <blank>
    Outgoing mail requires authentication: <checked>
    Use Separate Settings: <unchecked>

    I checked the optonline website and mail.optonline.net is the outgoing server. I've tried checking/unchecking the requires authentication option. I've tried using optonline.net as the domain. I am still having no luck.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    My guess is that optonline will not allow you to send outgoing mail over its smtp server unless you are connected to the internet using optonline (rather that vzw). I ran into this problem many years ago with roadrunner. Your have to set up an outgoing mail account with verizon or another provider. I've found gmail to be the easiest and, soon enough, gmail will have full imap support for WM6. That'll make it better than using optonline for incoming and vzw for outgoing. you can set up the i760 so that incoming and outgoing go through gmail and it is invisible to the folks on the other end of the email exchange. To do so, first set up a gmail account. Be sure to enable POP mail. It takes about 1/2 hour for the POP account to be created, so this wont work right away after you configure, but it wll later on. Second, set up the gmail account to collect you optonline email and forward it to your gmail address. Third, configure a pop mail account on the i760 using the gmail address, using the optonline email address as your email addy, but the gmail servers as incomming and outgoing. Following the directions on the gmail website for instructions on client configuration. That should work for you (after about 1/2 hour).

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    Usually as long as the outbound server accepts authentication, it'll let you send from an off-network location. You might want to talk to Optimum before you snake your private life through the central scrutinizer.

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    Follow the instructions in the following page.... you can use VZW's SMTP server... follow directions here.

    Setting up Pocket Outlook - Verizon Wireless XV6700

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