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    Add Tab Key to Keyboard

    Weeks ago, I remember someone looking to get a Tab Key on the keyboard.
    Therefore, I thought I would write up my current solution.

    1) You will need AE Button Plus from HERE
    2) Install the CAB file to Device
    3) You will also need VJKeyPress from HERE
    4) Install the CAB file to Device or Storage Card
    5) Open AE Button Plus(Start, Programs, AE Buttons Plus)
    6) Select Button 3 in the top window
    7) Tap in the bottom window (a new page opens)
    8) Select 3. Handle by AEBPlus
    9) Under 1. Single press Select 2. Run application
    10) Tap the … button and browse to:
    a) If you installed VJKeyPress to Device
    \Program Files\vijay555\VJKeyPress\VJKeyPress.exe
    b) If you installed VJKeyPress to Storage Card
    \Storage Card\Program Files\vijay555\VJKeyPress\VJKeyPress.exe
    11) Tap VJKeyPress.exe
    12) In the Optional parameters enter “9” (without the quotes)

    (See Image Capture)

    I like to still have Button 3 still work for Messaging so I put it on 4. Long Press

    13) Click on 1. Single press and select 4. Long press
    14) Select 50. Button 3 in the bottom pull-down list

    (See Image Capture2)

    15) Tap Ok on Bottom

    (See Image Capture3)

    16) Tap Ok on Top Right

    You should now have a working Tab Key.

    Hope this helps,

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    Sweet work, redant, and good to see vijay's stuff going to more good use.

    I'm going to add this to the faq-in-progress, thanks!

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    Thanks for the useful info, especially the info on VJKeyPress! I gotta check out Vijay's other stuff.

    Instead of using AE Button Plus to assign a tab key what I did was to create a shortcut to VJKeyPress 9 and assign it using Buttons settings:

    1. create a shortcut to VJKeyPress (copy & paste as shortcut)
    2. edit the shortcut (I used Vieka WordPad) to add the key parameter [9] to the end of the command line in the shortcut file (I had to put the shortcut .lnk file in root directory to get WordPad to find it)
    3. place the shortcut on the Programs menu (that is, moved it to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs
    4. renamed the shortcut to something meaningful (I chose "tab")
    5. went to Settings for Buttons and assigned the new "tab" program to the desired key

    Note that I have Spb Phone Plus installed, so can use some additional long press buttons, but I think this would work with the delivered Buttons options.

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