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    Windows Media Player Problems - no - different problem

    When trying to listen to music with either bluetooth S9 headset or internal speaker, from either SD or internal storage, the music clips at 11 seconds of play +/- 2 seconds and half the time requires a reboot. I have 26+ MB free program memory, 19+ MB free storage memory and 1331+ MB Storage Card Memory. And, I have only activesync running.

    I just got the I760 but have been using a I730 for 2 years and many windows PDA for the past 5 years. I've done all the tricks I know.

    Any help?

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    Works for me without clipping

    As I see it, the only "trick" left is a master reset. See if it works after that. If it does, then its software related, probably a 3rd party program you installed.

    If it still clips after a master reset without loading any extra apps, then back to the store it goes.

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