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Thread: Battery Life

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    Battery Life


    I am only getting 24 to 36 hours use on the extended battery with 1 - 2 hours talking and 2-3 hours web and just general messing around (still a new toy). Is this typical? Also, anyone know of a good battery gauge program - that shows percentages?



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    yea that's about normal ... many factors affect it ... screen brightness ... wifi ... bluetooth .. screen time out ... etc

    I like spb pocket plus .. puts like a dotted line of sorts on the top of your screen ... as the battery wears down the dots disappear ... very accurate in my opinion ... and you can tell at a glance where your batter condition is .. an it takes up almost no screen space ... do a search on spb pocket plus ... it does way more than that ... I'd just stay away from the today screen plugin .. bit of a memory hog
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    I'm lasting from 6 AM until around 9 or 10 PM on the extended battery. This is better than any other converged device I've ever had, so I am thrilled with this. I typically have my radio on all the time, Bluetooth off at work but on the rest of the time, screen brightness at about 40% (which is brighter than previous devices at 100%) Seldom use Wi-Fi.

    Some days I have to swap battery at 4 or 5 PM if I've been talking or using my data connection more than usual.

    I am in a fringe area for radio reception, and with other devices this has seemed to cause my battery life to be shorter than when I travel to areas with dense coverage, but this device doesn't seem to be bothered so much by being in a fringe area.

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    Something I have noticed and wanted to ask for others input on the battery life.

    When I check the box for the blinking light notification I notice a significant decrease in battery life. (20 - 30 %)

    some web, 60 minutes talk, corporate push mail (~150 msg per day)

    I get about 15 - 18 hours on ext and am down to 10 - 12 when I enable the blinking light.

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    I am seeing the same battery life which is disappointing because it means that I basically need to bring my charger even on a day trip or else worry I will run out of juice after talking on a conf call.

    I used to use SD's Speedstep prog to drop the CPU speed unless I really needed it. I will need to look into it for WM6.

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    Fine, call me a forum nazi, but there is a lengthy thread on this subject:
    I760 Expected Battery Life

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    I'm able to go a full day while connected to broadband access on the extended battery, usually connected to windows live the whole time.

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