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    Red face Today Customizers - Mutually Exclusive?

    First, I have to state for the record that after berating the hardware design of the i760 (button placement) earlier this week and saying I wouldn't buy this device and would instead wait for the HTC Libra, I broke down and ordered a 760, should arrive today (Update just arrived from FedEx as I was typing. ) Spent too much time reading about the great customization work everyone is doing and couldn't bring myself to bypass a phone with a numeric keypad AND WM6 Pro. So listen closely and you'll hear the sound of me eating crow.

    Now that I have that off my chest....

    I've read with great interest (and excitement) about the beautiful customizations that people are achieveing for their Today screens with a variety of programs. I've stored all the links to all the programs used in a folder so that I can 'unleash' them on my own i760 when I get to that point, but given the size of the list I've created, it got me to wondering:

    Which of these programs are mutually exclusive of the others in terms of their installation and function? I.e., which are designed to 'own' the layout and function of your Today screen to the exclusion of any other program, and which work in conjunction with others? For instance, can Pocket Plus work with Rltoday, or do you need to pick one or the other?

    In searching through threads, I've come up with the following list of Today customizers. (Note: I realize the selection of one of these, if they ARE mutually exclusive, is a matter of personal preference...I'm just trying to understand which can/can't be installed on the same device or whether it makes no sense to have two of these intalled on the same device). Which cannot or should not be installed with any others from this list:



    Spb Pocket Plus

    Today Customizers - Mutually Exclusive?-spb-pocket-plus.png

    Whoneedsaniphone Freestyl

    Today Customizers - Mutually Exclusive?-freestyl.jpg

    HTC Home Customizer

    Today Customizers - Mutually Exclusive?-htc-home-customizer.jpg

    Then, second part of the question: of the following programs, does using the Today customizers above eliminate the need or possibility of installing any of these other 'environment software utilities':

    HTC TouchFlo
    Touch Commander
    HTC Action (?)
    Spb Phone Alarm
    Wisbar Advance 3

    (I'm assuming I can install either S2U2 or Freestyl Unlocker regardless of which Today customizer I use.)

    There are lots of independent threads on each of these tools, and I've read through the "Customizations So Far" thread thoroughly, but none takes on this issue of which of these tools requires you to make a choice that will exclude the others on the list. Any help or feedback would be welcome.

    Glad to be in the i760 club...Now I begin the unboxing

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    can't speak to Htc or Pa, but touch commander works fine with rltoday. i just created an icon for navigation and included it my customized iphonish home screen. i know wisbar works with the rltoday program w/o any problems. touchflo kind of screwed w/touch commander (made it really sluggish, plus kind of a battery drainer), so i uninstalled it, but i think it technically works. sure you'll get an answer rather quickly on the others.

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    SPB Pocket Plus is a must in my book! Even if you don't use it as a today app, it still has great other features.

    Freestyl is cool, but it is a flash app. It is designed to replace your today screen so other today app's will not be seen or used.

    A lot of people like RTL Today, and other Today apps that allow you to launch programs, but I prefer using HTC Home & the Customizer (as noted by your last pic being my today screen).

    FTouchFlo is free so give it a try. I don't like it, but a lot of people do. I just use Pocket Plus for finger scrolling.

    PhoneAlarm is a solid program, but I don't have a need for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja4Hire View Post
    SPB Pocket Plus is a must in my book! Even if you don't use it as a today app, it still has great other features.
    I second that!

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    First, I'd suggest posting this in the customizations thread, so all of the discussion and information can be in one place.

    That said, I am using Touch Commander on top of SPB Pocket Plus. Touch Commander looks and works nice (there is a Vista Skin and lots of icons posted on XDA for TC). By on top, I mean that you can "drag down" the TC curtain to reveal the SPB tabbed screens, the home tab of which I have set up as a conventional Today screen of plugins (weather to go, today agenda, wireless sync notifications) and the other tabs by category (entertainment, internet-related, tools, and settings).Cheers!
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